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Shenandoah Business Solutions  has marketing experience in online and offline media, providing many online and offline marketing services; however we are seeing a shift in customer demand to internet marketing services.  Shenandoah Business Solutions assists clients in all aspects of effective online and offline advertising and marketing including measuring traditional media effectiveness.

What should you track?

Media Tracking Solutions

Market Research  - After an initial free consultation  and media audit , you will have an opportunity to receive a full cost per impression analysis of your current advertising expenditures.  Utilizing advanced software technologies for phone and web tracking, SBS can help you scientifically measure media effectiveness in order to generate a better return on investment (ROI).  We have discovered that in most cases its not how much you spend but how and where you spend it!

Branding - Branding is about the positive experience your company has to offer its customers.  It should be conveyed in your marketing language, image and attitude.  Potential customers should be intrigued by your company's logo, slogan, tag line, brochures, business cards, advertisements and website.  You must be very clear and precise on how your company wants to be perceived to its customers, competitors and community.  SBS provides services to help portray the brand you want for your business.

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Internet Marketing Services

Consumers depend on information to make buying decisions, and a quality website can help them to understand available products and services.  Does your website provide what they need?  Do you enable your local consumers to communicate with or purchase from you on their own time, not restricted by your "normal" business hours?   Shenandoah Business Solutions (SBS)  can help introduce your business to those consumers and will teach you how to develop them into ongoing customers.    

Whether you need to get started in web marketing by  designing your website or need to overhaul a current one, SBS will help you decide how to best present your window to the world.  We provide products and teach you how to get started in email marketing search engine marketing and  social media .   SBS can help businesses effectively communicate using their website and with ongoing SEO services .  Offering the right products or service combined with a well optimized site enables you to cast a wider net and can open the door to customers where you have never been able to advertise before.

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