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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the manual process of making sure your website can be found by the major search engines such as Google, Ask, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and many more.  Effective SEO includes on-page optimization and off-page optimization.    

Search Engine Advertising guarantees prominent site placement by allowing businesses to  first bid upon, then purchase  keywords or phrases.  Client come to us since competition for popular phrases or incorrect bidding contributes to wasted budget and results.  SBS has a proven track record of advertising management results.

SBS provides the expertise needed to help with all aspects of search engines.  We can audit an existing websites for correct construction or redesign a website from scratch.

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What exactly is on-page optimization?

This refers to the many content elements in your website design.  Relevant page content, browser titles, meta descriptions, title tags and appropriate keyword penetration are just a few of the elements one must have knowledge to have proper on-page optimization. 

Is my site optimized correctly?

If you don't know, then most likely, no.  This is where inexperienced or do-it-yourself web designers make the most mistakes.  Many large companies and most small ones have poorly optimized sites.

Why does SEO matter?   

If your site does not comply with guidelines established to generate search success, you will NOT get leads from search engines.  There are no short cuts that will have long-term benefit.  Google and the other search engines change algorithms frequently thus requiring constant understanding of guidelines.  

What is off-page optimization?

It is a combination of your business reputation on the internet, your social media authority and quality links citing your website as a resource of needed information.

Why does my business reputation online matter?

Search engines want to deliver the best results to consumers searching for products and service.  Since they do not personally know you, your staff or your business, they must depend on what consumers publicly share to help them understand which businesses provide the best service.  Bad online reviews will negatively impact your search results.

What if an online review about my business is not true or fake?

It is best for business owners to actively monitor their online reviews in order to address customer concerns.  There are ways once a review is first posted to have it removed from certain review sites, particularly if proven fake.  Certain popular review sites also allow owner feedback, which can also help search engines understand a business better.

What is social media authority?

It is how popular your business is on social media sites.  It is important to have a Facebook page with growing likes.  This is a measurement used by search engines to determine business popularity and does impact search results.  Fans or followers on other social media sites such as YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn also help search engines understand your business.

What are "quality links that cite my business as a resource"?

It's when another website has a link that points traffic to your business website. Websites around the internet that provide information to consumers such as special interest sites like TripAdvisor, Angie's List or Yelp are helpful.  News, blog or magazines sites with articles having  key words that link to your site are especially important.

How many links should I have coming to my business website site?

Usually the more the better however Google and others will penalize a business website if in-bound links come from a undesirable resource. Quality in-bound links are a measurement search engines use to understand your business relevance and popularity.  Poor in-bound links will harm your search results.  Most SBS clients build to 1000's of desirable links.

How do I know which sites are good and which ones are bad?      

You should have a link building strategy.  Sites that increase consumer awareness are generally okay.  Your strategy should include coordinated methods of link building such as directory submission, social media submission, blog or article syndication with keyword back links, link exchange from local partners and manufacturer links.   All links should increase your web presence,  while also reinforcing your brand.  

Is "Site Submission" to search engines the same as quality link building?  

No.  "Site Submission" is the process of making sure all major and minor search engines know your website exists by submitting the website to all that do exist.  Our company uses over 200 including those used for blogging sites.

Search Engine Advertising - FAQs

How does search engine advertising work?  

Businesses bid on keyword phrases that consumers use in search engines.  If a bid is high enough and the page the ad is linking to has a high enough page rank and the correct budget is committed, then the business website will appear in one of the top positions or right rail positions of the search results page.  If a consumer clicks on the ad, then the business pays the bid price for the click.  This is referred to as CPC or Cost Per Click advertising.

How do I know what to bid?

You should bid high enough to compete against others also bidding on the same phrases.

Do consumers everywhere see my ad?

You can choose who see the ad based on the keyword phrases that are used and the geographic area someone lives.

What is page rank?

Page rank is a score given to a web page an ad is linking to based on the relevance of the information on the page as related to the ad.

How much budget should be allocated to search engine ads?

It depends on popularity of the search phrases and how much competition is bidding.  It is best to utilize a professional if possible to avoid wasted budget dollars.

When do I pay my advertising bill?

Most businesses determine a budget then place the funds in an account with the search engine. Each time a consumer clicks on the ad, the cost is subtracted from the available funds in the account until depleted.

What other fees are associated with search advertising?

SBS charges a small set-up fee (waived for our monthly customers) and a percentage of the ad buy to manage the ad campaign.

How do  know if it's working?

If the phones are ringing and website leads are coming, that is the best way to know however you can also get traffic reports of how many consumers were exposed to your ad and how many clicked on the ad. You can also see which keyword phrases generated results.  There is always an immediate increase in your website traffic.

How long does it take to get an ad running?

Usually less than a week depending on number of search phrases needed. 

How long should I run an ad and is there a minimum time commitment?

There is no minimum however we strongly recommend that our clients plan a 3 month campaign period unless they get too busy.  Most of our clients run ads every month as part of their planned marketing budget.

Does this advertising always work?

If purchased correctly, most of the time.  Remember you are only placing ads in front of people who have expressed an interest in your product or service.  It will be the most effective form of targeting in your advertising plan.

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