Network, Infrastructure, & Security

General Approach

We bring Enterprise Information Technology practices to your business and put the control of your 
systems in your hands. We don't lock you in. We have to perform for you. If we don't it is easy for you to switch providers and we don't want that! 
We come in and evaluate your systems and make recommendations to get the systems to best 
practices. Once the systems are squared away, most management and maintenance is done remotely. 
Are you below the threshold to afford a CIO or CTO for your business? We can provide those services to you as needed as well as doing the nitty gritty work! 
We focus on Small-Medium and Local or Distributed networks. 


We focus on Small-Medium and Local or Distributed networks. 

  • Selection, configuration and management of Firewalls, switches, security, hardware and
  • software.
  • Wireless site surveys and wireless setup, policies and management.
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) gateways from SonicWall/Cisco/Watchguard
  • WAN failover provides a secondary internet connection: if your internet provided goes down, will you be able to use cloud based services or process POS transactions?
  • Remote monitoring: do you have certain systems or networks that you need monitored?
  • Advanced troubleshooting with Wireshark and other tools


Are your networks and systems secure?

  • Network level security: firewalls and unified threat management devices. Block the bad guys at the gateway into your environment.
  • Desktop/laptop security: cleanup and management.
  • Antivirus and threat management at the gateway and at the desktop/laptop/mobile device


Does your business deal with or store sensitive data (PII/credit card info I medical data)?

  • Review of physical and logical storage of sensitive information
  • Suggest and implement best practices for systems security
  • Scan systems for sensitive data
  • Develop and implement policies to ensure compliance with best practices

Collaboration Solutions 

We have deep expertise with document management, records management and content management. Looking to setup an intranet? Looking to get more out of SharePoint? Do you need a records 
management compliant solution such as Alfresco? Do you need an ECM solution such as Wordpress? 
  • We can help you decide which type of solution is best for your business
  • We can perform the business analysis to properly define how the system would be used, what it would cost to implement and what it would cost to manage.
  • Intranet and collaboration ombudsman services. We can help you drive the behavior that will make use of your investment and increase use and collaboration.
  • IM and multichannel instant collaboration such as Slack, Skype Business, SameTime

Desktop, Servers, Printers and Laptops

What kind of equipment do you have or need? 

  • Selection, installation, configuration, management
  • Windows Domains
  • Linux or Windows
  • VPN and remote Solutions
  • Security
  • Troubleshooting break/ fix
  • Network printers and MFCs

Mobile Solutions 

We can help you select a mobile solution or help you build one

  • Offline and online solutions
  • Apple I Android

Cloud Solutions 

We can help you make good decisions regarding local versus cloud based solutions.

  • Storage and file sharing
  • Document sharing
  • Migrate, deploy and manage cloud based applications on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure etc.
  • 0365 migration and management

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